Professional payroll service in Kailua-Kona, HI

TNT Payroll Services Inc of Kailua-Kona, HI works hard to provide our clients with reliable payroll service and benefits administration. The paperwork involved in human resources management can be extremely time-consuming.  Don't waste your time: let our experienced team handle your human resources management and payroll service with attention that is tailored to fit your company's needs.  Enlisting TNT Payroll Services Inc's team of professionals will relieve you of stress and will make your employees happy by guaranteeing that they will be paid correctly and on time.
We offer first-class work at reasonable rates, and we are committed to saving you money by enabling business owners to focus on growing and building their companies. Please feel free to contact our office in Kailua-Kona if you have any questions. 
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What we offer

Kailua-Kona's TNT Payroll Services Inc can help you with all your benefits administration and service needs. We use the latest systems and always securely store your files. We work with companies of all sizes. No job is too small for us to take on! Our services include:
 • Customized pay types, rates, and cycles
 • Workers' compensation and temporary disability insurance
 • Employee direct deposit
 • Certified payroll reporting and payroll-related taxes
 • Employee leasing
The above are just a few of the ways we can help your business. Please contact our office in Kailua-Kona if you would like any more information about our services or to discuss your company's specific needs.

Why choose us?

At TNT Payroll Services Inc, we realize our clients deserve a high level of service at affordable rates. Our specialists want to make payroll, benefits administration, and other HR management tasks easier for both you and for your employees. To serve our clients well, we offer personal service and are always happy to answer any HR administration or payroll service questions.
• Free Delivery of Payroll within the Kailua-Kona area
• Single Employee Company HR Benefits available
• We Serve the Entire State of Hawaii
• Met licensing requirements for PEO
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